CMP Primary


1-Projecter Shows-

A. Different type of CDs related to primary section based on Test book given by KVS/NCERT

B. Power point representation according to chapter/Lesson.

C. Film Shows regarding value education and different type of skills.

2-Teaching aid and models for primary Section according to chapter/lesson.

3-Learning by doing or activity base teaching.

4-T.V. shows for enhancing different skill related to general knowledge moral value and different type of plants and animals.

5-Cartoon show to develop the general knowledge and various activity- an excursion for small children related to surrounding environment near by Sugar Plant and sheikhupur railway station.

Different type of cultural and social activity like-

  1. Readiness Program
  2. Quiz
  3. Group dance
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Clay activity
  6. Model making
  7. Draw the chart
  8. Diya Making
  9. SUPW work
  10. Drawing
  11. Games/Sports  activity
  12. Survey/Introduction of lab equipment
  13. Morning assembly
  14. Scout/Guide(Cubs and bulbul)
  15. C.M.P. decoration/Class board decoration
  16. Community Lunch
  17. Hygienic awareness